Arbitrage Betting
Arbitrage is a sophisticated way of taking an advantage of price variation across various markets, and it has been applied for a long time by professionals in different sectors of business.

A person who works with arbitrage is known as an arbitrageur. Betting is extremely popular amongst professional sports investors, because it's a perfectly good way for them to take the risk out of the equation and make profit 100% of the time, without relying upon sports systems or odd mathematical strategies.

The way that sports arbitrage works is simple. If you have two teams that will soon be competing in an event, normally you would make a wager for just one. You try your best to stabilize the odds and pick the best bet, but this is almost always a 50/50 shot. You will either win or you will lose and there is a lot of risk involved with this approach to sports investing.

With arbitrage betting it's different. Instead, you actually place a bet on both teams. One loses and you lose the stake, one wins and you keep the balance on this team, but you also rake in the profit from the return on your investment from the winner.

You can win every time with this method and it's perfectly legal, but the key is to find the events that have the best arbs with the best odds and the best percentage of profit potential, and ideally as quickly as possible.

The downfall is that doing so is difficult. Many sports investors rely upon arb calculators and do a lot of the math themselves, but with arbitrage betting things can move fast.

What you need to get is a software tool that does the tracking for you and allows you to place bets through the program with the bookmakers online. Such a tool should also handle the calculations for you and display the data so that it's easy to scan through as well.

In more detail, what arbitrage betting really does is allow the sports investor to leverage the opinions of the bookmakers for a certain event. By placing a bet with all of the bookmakers you can greatly increase your odds of winning, by making a stake on each possible outcome.

The drawback online is that arbs have a lifespan of just 15 minutes, making it very hard to lock in a great opportunity. However, there is a program that was developed to alert you with an app so that you can place a bet over the phone or through the software.

If the odds are the same at the exchange (which rarely happens) the bettor will break even. The key is to spread your backs and lays across a large number of bookmakers and exchanges, backing and laying the same event using free bets when the bettor signs up to a new bookmaker's site. By being clever and consistent, the bettor can convert free bets to bucks.

By far the best sport to bet when trying to exploit your free bets is football. Football is the most popular because of the large capital invested in betting on matches. By being clever in your use of matched arbitrage bets you can earn bucks at online bookmakers and exchanges fast. Suppose you back the Red Team at the bookmaker and then lay a bet against the Red Team at an exchange. If the Red Team wins you will get your money back from the bookmaker, but if the Red Team loses, you win money at the exchange. It is a win-win situation for the clever bettor.

The key to maximizing your online bucks is to keep the free bets flowing by continuously signing up for new accounts with online bookmakers. The only way a bettor will lose money manipulating the free bets for matched arbitrage betting is if he or she makes a mistake when placing a bet. Online arbitrage betting is fast paced, and you cannot afford mistakes. You must be well organized and do your research ahead of time. As a rule, a bettor can expect at least a 95% return on their capital by matching free bets in a back-lay betting system.

Matched arbitrage betting requires that you keep signing up for new accounts with online bookmakers and matching the free bets with backs at the bookmaker and lays at the exchanges. You must keep good records, stay alert, and do your homework on the events that you plan to wager on.